Buddah Abusah is a rapper, songwriter and producer born and raised in Hamilton, Ontario, Canada. He is often viewed by the masses, as “The Modern Day Hippie”. Buddah delivers a style that represents all people who believe in peace, love and equality. Being a recording artist since 2008 he always persists to elevate himself through continual self-teaching. He continues to hone his craft and master all aspects of being an artist.

Buddah focuses on giving the world a unique perspective of a modern day hippie’s point of view on life through his music. His stage presence is a one of a kind appearance with creative fun vibed lyrics that sets him apart from all artists. He is consistent at showcasing the modern day hippie lifestyle to the masses, providing them with the sound of peace, love and equality.

Additionally, from 2010 to 2015, Buddah was the recording engineer for past Hamilton group called Bosquiat Clique (Bo$ Clique). Being part of a group helped Buddah develop his skill set, making him more diverse as an artist and helped him create a new wave. Growing immensely as an individually, in 2015 Buddah decided to take his leave from the collective to pursue his own endeavours, coining the new name ‘Buddah Abusah’.

With a new mindset and view on life, Buddah reaches out to his fans worldwide providing them with new distinct vibes, a sound that no other artist is associated with. Buddah is poised to put the city of Hamilton on the map. He provides the world with a new sound of Canadian hiphop. Buddah is letting people know all the troubles in the world can disappear by spending peace and tranquility. Call it “Buddah Vibes!